Welcome to Rafiki 

Asante Rafiki means ‘Thank You Friend’ in Swahili, and embodies the spirit of the Rafiki Surgical Missions that have helped hundreds of Tanzanians with congenital deformities and burns injuries.

Tanzania, in East Africa, is home to 38 million people, and while politically stable, it remains one of the poorest nations in the world. Rafiki surgical teams treat patients, who without their help would go on untreated and suffering their whole lives. The Australian teams also work closely with the local medical teams to share expertise in areas such as anaesthetics, surgery and health care.

Since establishing in 2004, Rafiki has sent 17 surgical missions to Tanzania and operated on hundreds of adults and children. In addition to the surgeries and training Rafiki also sends shipping containers full of medical equipment that would otherwise go to waste in Australia. Since 2010, Rafiki has managed to pack and ship 18 x 40 foot containers of medical equipment that has been distributed to hospitals and medical centre's in need in Tanzania.

10 Years of Rafiki

10 YEARS OF RAFIKI from Myriad Images on Vimeo.